You Drive Away Before You Know Where Your Children Are

Situations that I'm personally familiar with. 

The baby was playing in the driveway.  The father, who just had an argument with his wife, leaves in a hurry and runs over and kills his child.  They could never get reconciled and his wife divorced him.

Good Humor truck driver doesn't check to see if all the children are clear of his truck and drives away, killing the baby that had crawled under the truck. The parents could no longer stay at the location, so they sold their house and moved.

An idea would be to keep your wheels straight when you park.

Walk around your vehicle before you leave! Take Note[ Rod Taverner lthink that this one should be shared as much as possible ”that rock sure did scream a lot" - iFunny :) Car Memes, Dankest Memes, Funny Memes, You Meme, Edgy Memes, Life Skills, Popular Memes, My Best Friend, Organisation
Look around your car before you get in and drive away.


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