You Don't Know, "My (golfing) Thought For Today: Keep A Notepad

 Again, a reminder that my Posts are not for Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods, but for the weekend golfer and those who are lucky enough to get out and play a round or two during the week without the boss catching them.  Also, if you're a scratch golfer, forget-about-it!

Most players use the same club on the same hole all the time.  Why?  Let's stick with the Par 3 hole.  You have a 135-yard hole and you use a 9 iron if you're young and strong or an 8 iron if you're older.  But you always come up short of the green.  After writing this information in your notepad for a few rounds you will know to drop down a club to get that extra length from your drive.  By keeping the new information in your notepad, and you're still short of the green, then you'd drop down one more club.  

Why should you keep a notepad?  Do I think that you can't remember what you did last weekend?  Do you think that Jack and Tiger know more about golf than you do? and they and their caddy always had a notepad with them.  If you've ever watched a professional tournament on TV you'd have noticed that they were always referring to their notes.  If it helps the pros, maybe it will help you too.

Humorous anecdote:  I frequently have to drive by a Par 3 hole that runs parallel with the road and I occasionally stop to chat and ask questions and sometimes give a little advice.  I am not a golf instructor, but I am an instructor and I have been asked by other golfers if I'd play a round with them to help out. 
Well, today I stopped and asked a lady, whose ball was 10-yards short of the green, what club she used.  Her answer, "It's none of your business," in an angry tone.  Although she was right, I do believe that she'll always be a little short . . . not only of the greens.


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