You Put Your Life In The Hands Of The Driver In Front Of You.

I've mentioned tailgating in another Post but obviously few drivers take it to heart even though it's illegal to follow too closely.  When you do you're putting your life in the drivers hands in the car ahead of you.  Who is that driver you're following too close?  Did he just have a fight with his/her wife/husband?  Is he a new driver that will panic when he sees you on top of him?  Many drivers panic and quickly change lanes without regard whether a car is next/near him and he doesn't have the room.  If his maneuver causes an accident with the other car it will be directly in front of you and you won't have time to stop and will be involved in the accident also.  Did he just steal the car and doesn't care what happens to it or to himself - or especially to you?
What I like to do is slam on my brakes.  That always scares the daylights out of you when tailgating me.  I love the impression on your face when you veer off into the ditch.  (Don't worry too much about it.  It only happened once- that I can remember).  Another thing I do is take my foot off of the accelerator and just let my car slow down to a ridiculous slow speed.  This really ticks you off but what are you going to do about it?  You usually pass unsafely endangering yourself and your passengers who are just as stupid as you for letting you tailgate and pass unsafely.  Sometimes you pass then slam on your brakes to annoy and get even with me as immature children do when upset.  But by then I'm way back, so that maneuver usually doesn't work, or slow down until I'm forced to catch up with you.  You not only upset me back then but upset me even more now.  Do you know if I have a gun on me?  Follow the two (2) second rule and you won't upset me.


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