You Get Aggressive When A Car Is In Front Of You.

A few days ago I wanted to turn right from a driveway at a business.  I stopped at the stop sign, looked to my left and saw that the cars were stopped.  The cars on the right were moving so I felt that they also had a left arrow with their green light.  Seeing the car stopped in the lane that I wanted to drive to I proceeded to make the right turn.  Well, you might have guessed, the light must have changed at the same time as I got into the lane on the roadway.  Obviously I must have gotten in the way of the car in the right lane so he quickly accelerated to my rear and tailgated me until he could pass on my left.  I guess he showed me that I shouldn't have gotten into stupid's way.  At the next light more cars were in the left lane so I passed him in the right lane.  Then the lead car in his lane stopped to make a left turn pinning him several hundred feet back of my car.  He finally was able to go into the right lane, (four lane roadway).  If he had just started out in normal speed he would have done much better.  But, no.  His kind of driver must always try to get ahead of any car in front of him.  Always aggravated behind the wheel, cutting in and out of traffic and endangering himself , his passengers and the other drivers around him.  What a pathetic way to live.  If you have to constantly do stupid things to prove to yourself that you're a man - you're not. 
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