You Shift Into Reverse Before Everyone Is In The Car

Your kid, friend, or wife opens the door to get in.  If the car starts to go backward the person is pinned behind the door.  That person, generally, is not thinking about whether the car will move backward and that the door will knock them down and maybe be run over.  Their mind is on getting in the car.
Of course you think it's safe as you have your foot on the brake, but if it slips or for some reason you reduce the pressure on the pedal the car will start backwards.  After being knocked down the bottom of the door will most probably, unless very skinny, grab them and drag them until you stop the car.  So why take the chance.  Wait until everyone is safely in the vehicle and all doors are closed before shifting into reverse.
Even if you don't care about your family members or friends, think about the door being ripped off of the car backing out of the garage.


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