You're Not Concerned About Your Passengers

A few days ago a female passenger was dropped off at her house. They found her frozen to death in front of her house the next morning. When my children were in school I, like most parents, ferried them and their friends around. Whenever I dropped them off I would wait, especially at night, until I could see them inside their house. I would tell them, especially the girls, to either flick on the front light or wave so I knew they were and would be OK. There have been incidents where stalkers have waited outside a house and kidnapped/injured/killed young girls by their front door. This does not only pertain to children but also to older people and especially the elderly.
Another critical area is in a parking lot (especially) at night. Several people leave the building, get in their cars and leave the parking lot. The last person's car won't start and your friend is now left alone with no one to help. You were second to the last car but weren't smart enough to wait until your friend's car not only started, but also that the car moved behind you. If the car moved, it started up. Because you waited you drive home knowing that your co-worker or friend was not stranded in the night. And you feel good about being such a caring person. Don't you?
If you are the one being dropped off and believe that the driver is stupid you can ask the driver to wait until you get inside the house. Same in a parking lot. Ask someone to wait until your car is started.


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