You Don't Buy American Made

Would you buy something from someone who just killed your son? Depends if he's selling the product cheaper than the other guy. Saving $50.00 is more important than your dead son.

True story: When the US was still making VCR's a lady went to buy one. She was shown one made in the USA and one made in Japan. She told the clerk that she would never buy anything made in Japan as her son was killed in the Pacific by the Japanese during WWII. When she found out that the one made in Japan was cheaper she bought that one.
Blood may be thicker than water but money is thicker than blood.

Why are we in such financial straights and most of our factories are shut down, simple, we buy the cheapest garbage without regard to our economy.  How much do we buy from China today?

Moral of the story is: Want a job, keep your job, buy American.


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