You're Jealous of our Statistics

The Northeast had the highest increase of traffic deaths in 2010.  All the other areas of the country had a decline.  Ha, ha, we win.  We're not going to obey any, we think, stupid laws like talking or texting on the phone while driving.  It's a free country and if I want to endanger myself that's my choice.  This morning's example:  Lady while on cell phone passes on a two lane highway while car is oncoming.  The line of cars in front of her ran for nearly 1/2 mile.  My daughter had to swerve to the side of the road to avoid a head-on collision.  The passer (idiot) cut in front of the one car in front of her.  What did she gain?  Nothing.  Would that have gotten her to her destination sooner?  Not really.  Will she kill herself someday soon?  Hopefully.  What I suggest to talkers and texters while driving is to do it on country roads with no, or very light traffic.  Then you'd just hit a tree or telephone pole and only kill or injury yourself.  Not during heavy traffic as that endangers others who aren't as stupid as you - which is not fair.
Oh, passenger!  How stupid are you if you allow the driver to do it.


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