You Don't Maintain Your Distance

This person is different than the "Gap Filler." The Gap Filler can't stand any distance between you and him. He sees you up ahead, gets lonesome, and speeds up until he's too close behind you and stays there.
This type of driver, like the one who followed me the other day, runs up to you, probably realizes he's too close, backs off, now thinks he's too far from you and runs up to you again. In a two mile stretch this driver must have done it at least a half-dozen times. You wonder if one of those times he's out to get you and will crash into you. It's very nerve racking so don't do it anymore. (The only time that maneuver is acceptable is if you do it to your mother-in-law to scare the dickens out of her). Why can't you just find a safe distance between the car in front of you and maintain your speed. This driver had distances of between two car lengths and a thousand feet. How much of a nervous jerk is he?


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