You Are A Litterer

You just had the pack, with one cigarette in it, in your pocket.  You would probably kill your buddy if he took the pack and threw it out the window of the car.  It is the most valuable thing in the world to you right now, but in a few minutes you'll throw it out the window yourself.  If it was OK by you that the pack was in your pocket all day why isn't it OK for it to be in your pocket until you get home?  There you could dispose of it properly.
"If anyone ever hurt my dog or cat I'd kill them."  A lot of wild animals try to eat the garbage you throw out the window which many times causes them severe pain and death.  But that's OK because it's not your dog or cat.
"I don't know why the town always has to raise the property taxes?"  Maybe it's because the town has to pay someone to pick the trash that you throw out of your car.  You want a raise every year and so do the town maintenance crew, therefore more taxes.

You're the dating age and your girlfriend throws trash out the window all the time.  What kind of pig do you think you'll be living with when you get married?  Your boyfriend throws trash out of the car or discards trash while hiking.  So you want to spend the rest of your life picking up trash around and in the house after the pig?
So, "nice girl", you want your boyfriend and later your husband to have respect for you.  What a joke!  He's a pig.  Pigs don't respect anything or anybody.  If he doesn't respect the environment he certainly will not respect you.  If you're a pig then date and marry a pig.  If you're not a pig then don't date or marry a pig.  Simple, isn't it.


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