You Don't Clean Up Your Area

In January of this year I published a post titled   (You Are Stupid If)  "You Don't Trim The Bushes".  Twelve days ago here in Northern Connecticut we got clobbered with 850,000 households losing power.  Some homes still don't have any.  Many roads were impassable with downed trees, branches, power lines, etc.  I'm not feeling sorry for myself as natural disasters occur all over the country.  Some much worse than what we just went through. 
After several days most of the roads were passable but many spots had a few branches and snow on the road.  Of course if there are downed wires or wires wrapped around the tree or branches you should stay clear and leave the cleanup to the professionals.  But, in many places there were a few small branches and a small pile of snow in the travelled portion of the road in front of houses.  A 10-year-old could have cleared it by moving the branch and about 5 shovel fulls of snow thrown on the lawn or sidewalk.  This would have prevented hundreds of cars from having to travel in the opposite lane which, of course, is always dangerous. 

Homeowner:  Did you see that honey?  Almost had another accident right in front of the house.  I sure hope the big strong government workers come and clean that up soon. 
Honey:  Me too.  You're such a puny homeowner that you shouldn't go out and lift that 2-lb. branch or shovel five whole shovels full of snow. 
Homeowner:   Maybe our high school football linebacker son could go out and clear the small obstruction.
Honey:  Absolutely not.  He's watching an adult cartoon on the TV.  You know how much he likes Homer.
Homeowner:  You're right honey but I sure hope that the big brave government workers get here soon before there's an accident.  (Homeowner showing concern).
Author's Note:  I guess an accident would be better than you disturbing your mundane, miserable life for five minutes by going out and helping the people in your community to be safer by clearing the obstacle; at least the one in front of your house.


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