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The only time a gun owner will cut in front of the line is when he'll register or surrender his guns.



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Copied from website, "Call The Cops."

Connecticut halts plans to round up firearms after finding most cops in the state are on the list
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Connecticut has been making news due to their hastily passed gun registration laws. According to some sources as few as 15% of gun owners have actually registered their firearms. News Blogs have been warning state officials are talking about mass confiscations of the unregistered firearms.
An AR-15 and high capacity magazine.
Plans for these confiscations hit a snag when a legislative intern dared to ask a question. “Who will be going door to door to take all the guns away?” asked the 21-year-old college senior.
Reportedly multiple people in the room in the most sarcastic voices they could muster said “the police”.
The unnamed intern then pointed at the list and said, “my dad’s name is on the list, and he is the police chief. I see three other names on this list of family members, all cops.”
With in hours a print off of all sworn Law Enforcement officers in the state was obtained. Comparisons of the list of gun owners who failed to comply with registration requirements and sworn LEOs showed a startling figure. Just over 68% of Connecticut cops had failed to register firearms according to the new law.
An anonymous source in the Governors office said lawmakers were dumbfounded. “Someone suggest firing all the cops who failed to register. But the reality of hiring and training that many new police officers is not practical.” The source goes on to say “Senator [redacted to protect our source] said maybe we should issue an official order to all cops to comply with registration or face termination. I mean seriously these people are a special kind of stupid to think that gun-loving cops are going to go along with this blatant violation of the 2nd Amendment.”
So now Connecticut is in little quagmire. The powers that be are making all kinds of threats, but there is no one to follow through on the threats.
No police officers or police administrators were willing to go on record for this story. Emails to members of the Connecticut legislator and Governors office were not returned by the time of publication.

Note: I'd like to see a cop that did register his gun arrest his Chief, another cop, his father, or brother . . . good luck with that!

And his mother or sister.

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