You Don't Drive In Your Lane

I see so many drivers veer from side-to-side in their lane, constantly crossing over the solid white line on the right and then crossing over, or driving on top of, the broken white, or solid white, solid yellow, and double lines separating the lane from oncoming traffic.  Several drivers drive toward the center of the roadway and only move over when there is an oncoming car.  Many drivers purposely drive over these lines when around a curve in the road.  This may save two seconds out of your trip, but you're placing yourself in danger for merely two seconds.  Do the oncoming drivers believe that you fell asleep, driving drunk, texting, or merely not paying attention and therefore, they think that you're heading directly at them causing a head-on accident?  Stay in your own lane.  Stop being a lazy driver.
Note to young engaged females:  If your fiancee drives like the above, runs stop signs, speeds and tailgates, ask him, 'If you keep driving recklessly that causes an accident and I lose a leg in the accident, will you still marry me."  If he takes more than one second to answer, then the answer is NO.  Don't be a cowardly passenger, speak up.  It's your well-being at stake.


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