You Don't Love Freedom

As a freedom lover watching the decline of freedom in my country, the United States of America, it is difficult for me to understand it when many brave people throughout the world are fighting so hard to preserve or gain theirs.  The Ukraine today and Egypt last year comes to mind.  Other former stalwart countries like Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom that fought so hard during WWII to preserve democracy for the world have also let many of their freedoms disappear.  These countries have, like America is now trying, disarmed their citizens.  Does anyone even remember that during the last century 170,000,000 citizens have been killed by their own governments after they were disarmed.  Many foreign nationals dislike the United States for whatever reason I will never comprehend, but think, where will you go to escape tyranny if America ever becomes a dictatorship.  How many millions have already fled to America.  We are not against aliens, everyone in America is either an alien or a descendant of aliens.  For most of those years when America was developing they came for freedom.  Not to inject their form of tyranny into America.  If you want the same here as in your country, why don't you just stay there?  We don't want any form of tyranny, dictatorship or control over us by our or any government entity.  I salute all, throughout the world, who are brave and fighting for freedom.


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