You Have No Means For Self-Defense

The most efficient tool for personal self defense is a weapon.  The most efficient weapon is the gun.  Every able-bodied person, of sound mind, in the world should own one.  It doesn't matter whether your government says or has laws against you owning one.  Most people in the world are slaves as they have no way to defend themselves and must obey their master/government.  Governments disarm their citizens because they are afraid of them as they (and they know) are lousy, greedy, power hungry, elitist, psychotic leaders.  These leaders believe that they have the right to do what they want to their subjects.  I call you subjects because only in a free country are there citizens.
Are you afraid of your government?  You should be, as in the last century, governments, after disarming their citizens, murdered 170,000,000 of you.  More of you are killed by your government than all the enemies in all the wars.  If most of the criminals in your countries can obtain guns, despite all the laws, why can't you?  Criminals are smarter than most as they don't tell the government that they have guns.  Why would you?   The irony is that the educated people should know better but they either do nothing or feel secure, but they are the ones in the most danger.  "It can't happen to me.  I'm educated."  Cambodia, 1975-1979.  "During that time, about 1.5 million Cambodians out of a total population of 7 to 8 million died of starvation, execution, disease or overwork. ... The Khmer Rouge, in their attempt to socially engineer a classless peasant society, took particular aim at intellectuals, city residents, ethnic Vietnamese, civil servants and religious leaders."  (Source:  Isn't that what the American and most European governments are trying to do today?  Attempting to socially engineer a new society?   Muslim jihadists are trying to send you back to the 7th century.  Should be "fun" times.

Lawyers - keepers of the law, and teachers - who should impart social graces and the tenets of freedom, instead teach our young to kill them when they grow up.  It happens in every revolution.  Lawyers and teachers first.  A holocaust is happening now in the Middle East and very little is being done about it.  40,000 people escaped to a mountain without food or water.  And out of the approximately 10,000 "men" not one had a gun.  Why?  They sit and wait for manna from heaven.  They knew the barbarians were coming but no one prepared.  Why?  Do Christians feel that it's unlawful to kill?  "Thou shall not kill" was misinterpreted from the original scripture.  It read "That shall not commit Murder."  Killing is always justified and not sinful if done for self defense of yourself or a third person against deadly force, the enemy in times of wars, person trying to enslave you, prevent rape, or anyone trying to take away your power of self defense, i.e., your weapon(s).  Especially powerful and most accepted is killing anyone trying to take away your power of self defense.


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