You're visiting in Durango, Colorado and Don't Visit Ponga's Pool Hall

If you like to shoot pool it's sometimes difficult to find a place to play when you're visiting or vacationing in another city that you may not be familiar with.  You may be concerned about the reputation of the pool hall but at Ponga's Pool Hall and Nightclub you can rest easy.  My wife and I play there almost every Friday afternoon and into the evening ever since we moved to Durango four months ago.  The clientele and the employees are very friendly and consists of a variety of people.  Young, middle age, old(er), singles and many couples play there.  Although some females may be somewhat apprehensive in going into a "pool hall" you will quickly lose any concerns and thoroughly enjoy playing there.  Of course the full service bar adds another positive feature to the place as well as a DJ and dancing on Friday and Saturday nights, and games.
Ponga's Pool Hall and Nightclub is located in the Historic downtown district just off Main Ave. at 121 W. 8th St., Durango, CO 81301.  For more information you can call 970-382-8554 or visit their web site Ponga's Pool Hall and Nightclub. 
(I'm writing about Ponga's without remuneration.  As my other Posts indicate, I'm solely concerned about Safety and this place is.)