As Secretaries of States You Didn't Vet Presidential Candidates

"People blame B.O. for having run for POTUS as a foreigner. What folks fail to realize that it is the duty, nay, perhaps the most important job, of each and every state's Secretary of State to VERIFY that the birth certificate records provided him are authentic, genuine, and true. That means that 50 -- I said FIFTY secretaries of state SCREWED UP (or were bought off by "someone" - party officials, whomever) and should have been FIRED immediately. If any were in office in 2008 or in 2012, they should be FIRED for DERELICTION OF DUTY. As for Cruz ... Why hasn't any of the 50 secretaries of state asked for the Supreme Court to answer/decide the Natural Born Citizen question once and for all? And why have I never seen this reality mentioned in (on line) print before this post?"
Written by Wendy Nielsen, teacher extraordinaire.

In re. "How One Bad President Establishes Another Bad Precedent."
By Scott Rohter, December 2015
It's also amazing that none of the political "talking heads," never bother with the more important issues. -- The author.

Note: Although I (almost) never use other's Posts; this had to be said.