You Don't Remember About (#2).

Did you remember to:

Check the lights on your car? 
I still see many with burned out lights.

Leave space between cars when stopped at an intersection?

Avoid Tailgating? The highest cause of deaths among 16-17-year-olds.

Maintain your speed while going uphill?

Drive your own car?  Don't let others get you out of your comfort         zone.

Stop driving aggressively?  Very dangerous habit.

Stop rubber-necking?  Yes, pay attention to what's ahead but stop delaying those behind you.

Not only turn on your turning signals at the proper time, but to also turn them off at the proper time?

Drive in your lane?  Too many drivers go over the center line when going around a curve, or hug the center line until a car is approaching.  They then move into their lane, allow the other car to pass then back towards and/or on or over the center line.  
If you stay in the center of your lane you won't have to worry about the right hand curb . . . don't be a lazy driver!