You Don't Kill Them While Fleeing Mosul

When ISIS terrorists throw down their weapons so they can blend in with you fleeing civilians, that's when you, the civilians, should kill them. The terrorists have been tormenting, torturing, and killing your family members for months, if not years, and then you allow them to hide within your ranks and do nothing about it.  They no longer have a weapon to impose their will upon you: but now you have weapons.  They are called rocks, sticks, and the brute force of many against one.  If you do not, they will band together again in the relocation camps to again terrorize you by taking the relief food that was meant for your children.  Ask, "Which is the lesser of two evils?"  "To kill my tormentor or to watch my children go hungry or starve to death."  To kill a tormentor is not wrong according to the Bible AND the Koran.
This message should be translated into the proper language(s), printed, and dropped, as leaflets, into every relocation camp and column of fleeing refugees.