You Don't Know What A Lie Is.

An untruth is not a lie.

Lie = to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive. -- Merriam Webster dictionary. Even the dictionaries have the definition wrong.

If I intend to deceive an evil person by telling him an untruth; it is not a lie. Even my statement, below*, which sounds correct on its face, does not totally state what a lie is.

To tell a just person an untruth with the intent to harm an innocent person is a lie.  To tell an untruth to enhance your position or to gain an advantage over another unfairly are lies.

"The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."

"The truth," = Facts that are personally known by you based on your experiences, your personal observation of the situation, your background and education on the subject.
"The whole truth," = Not leaving out any facts, known to you, that is pertinent to the situation.
"And nothing but the truth," = By not adding information to enhance your position or to cause harm to another person in an attempt to deceive.
If you do not have all three criterias . . . you've just lied.

Then, what is a lie? It's intentionally telling an untruh to do harm.

*My original statement:  September 21, 2015 ·(On my Facebook page).

If you have to change a fact, however slight, to make it sound better; you've just lied.

You Go Along With Insane Directives

Let Me Try To Explain This

Czechs take legal action over EU rules on gun control external site
The Czech Republic filed a lawsuit on Friday against a new European Union directive tightening gun ownership, aimed at limiting access to semi-automatic and other weapons after deadly Islamist attacks in western Europe."

Because the Islamist invaders are killing you with guns the EU leaders want to take away the guns from those who aren't killing anyone, the citizens, so they won't be able to even defend themselves.

My feeling is that the ones in charge of the EU are insane. 

Personal message to the citizens of Europe:  Get a gun or keep the one you have.  If anyone says that they must confiscate it . . . kill him.

You Don't Look Up Your Country

I've added new labels of the countries that are mentioned in a Post.  Merely scroll down.  In the right hand column click on your country, if it's there, and all the Post referring to your country will open.  This is a new feature.

You Overfill Your Gas Tank

When the gas pump clicks off automatically, DO NOT add a little more gas.  You need extra room in your gas tank to allow the gasoline to expand.  Topping off your gas tank is bad for the environment and your wallet.  Any additional gas you try to pump into your tank may be drawn into the vapor line and fed back into the station's storage tanks.  (Of course, you're still paying for it).

If you top off your tank, the extra gas may evaporate into your vehicle's vapor collection system.  The system may become fouled and will not work properly causing your vehicle to run poorly, have high gas emissions, and reduce your miles per gallon.  Also, the passenger compartment may have a gasline odor and in worst cases, the car to catch fire.  

The gas nozzle automatically clicks off when your gas tank is full.  Did you read that last sentence?  The gas nozzle automatically clicks off when your gas tank is full.  It's full.  Don't try to put more gas in the tank.  


You've Allowed Your Schoolgirls To Be Raped For 40 Years.

A fist to the chest while uttering Mea Culpa should come from every woman who aided multi-culturalism by voting for their Progressive/ Liberal governments. Most of them, I would venture a guess, are the mothers of the rape victims. Where are the men who fought so bravely during WWII. The thousands of boatsmen, at the risk of their own lives, who crossed the channel to save 338,000 British and French troops at Dunkirk. Where are the guns that American hunters gave you from their prized possessions the weapons that you begged us for so the home guard could protect your cherished land from an imminent invasion by the Germans? Are there only sniveling cowards left that are afraid of guns and even more afraid to protect your women? When even the police are afraid and run away from the foreigners, who owns your country? Not you Englishmen! England is rife with Muslim mayors and Sharia courts. Your Magna Carta is dead.

You're Russian and Don't Heed My Warning

Your country will be invaded by Germany within 10 years.  It won't be a land invasion like in WW2.  Your army will lay down their arms and allow the Jidahists from Germany to merely walk into your country like the Nazi's did in Austria. Your army will not fight as most of your soldiers and officers will be Jihadists themselves by then.  Your animosity towards Ukraine is unbelievable as, basically, you're the same people.  The Ukrainians are your best friends, but you don't even know it and instead of helping you try to hurt them.  What have they ever done to harm Russia?  History proved that the bully is the one who always gets killed in the end.  When Europe falls to the Jihadists do you really think that they won't be looking to the North and East? Wake the hell up!
Ignorance is bliss, but only to your enemies.

You're A Bad Driver.

My Driving Thoughts For Today

The next time you're involved in an accident ask yourself, "Why was I in such a hurry to get here."

My (driving) thought for today

Many of you are going to kill a family member today.

My (2nd driving) thought for today

Thousands of you will send a family member to the hospital with serious injuries for an extended stay by your action.

My (3rd driving) thought for today

Hundreds of you, by your action, will cause the death of one or more of your own children today.

My (4th driving) thought for today

Dozens of mothers, afraid to speak to their husband driver, will watch the death of one or more of their children today.

My (5th driving) thought for today

Thousands of mothers will watch one or more of their children being taken away by ambulance to a hospital with serious and, possibly, life-threatening injuries, because of their cowardness, today.

My (6th driving) thought for today

Thousands of fathers, who claim that they love their children, but in reality do not because of their bad driving habits; will kill or seriously injure up to 5,000 of their own children today.

My (7th driving) thought for today

Hundreds of wives will file for divorce tomorrow because their husbands, by their bad driving habits, will have killed or injured one or more of her children today. Don't believe me! Ask her today.

Note:  Although I speak of the drivers in the United States;  all people should be cognizant that they pertain to their country also.

You Thought That Electing A Muslim Mayor Would Stop The Violence

Of course, I’m talking about the voters in London, England. Your convoluted thinking is beyond comprehension. You, the majority of voters, actually thought that giving in to those who want to kill you, that they would stop killing you. You cannot make friends with a scorpion, as his nature is to sting and kill whomever is in its way. And its way is total domination. Apparently few voters in London know the story of, “The Frog and the Scorpion.”

The mayor had a picture of himself holding up a sign saying, “Refugees Welcomed.” As the sign lies then so does the mayor. The truth is not merely making a statement, but must include the whole truth, or it’s a lie. What is the only kind of refugees that the mayor would welcome into London? I will let the citizens of London answer that question, but you don’t have to exercise your brains in search of the answer as it will soon become obvious to all. What is also obvious is that the citizens of London do not care about each other and neither does their mayor.

Before I continue, let me be clear that I am not Islamaphobic, but I certainly am against those that basterdize their religion to convince themselves that it is good to kill and injure innocents.

Why do I say that the citizens of London do not care about each other and their mayor about them. The mayor as well as the press, supported by the citizens, speak very little about those who have been killed, but speak loudly and often about how everyone should be for allowing unvetted refugees, the more the better, into their country. Their Liberal/Progressive agenda is far more important than the safety of their citizens. Of course, not all refugees are Jihadists, but would you invite ten guests into your home for the weekend knowing that one was a serial killer? And not knowing which one; do not invite any. Should you then be called prejudiced or other pejoratives because you don’t want to place yourself and your family in obvious danger?

In conclusion, the citizens of London not only destroyed their city but also just helped to destroy their country. How? The Prime Minister should have, but did not, consider the voting block in London, that they are Liberal; therefore, by calling for an election she lost her majority.

I pray that America and England will always remain friends, but now it seems doubtful.

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