You've Allowed Your Schoolgirls To Be Raped For 40 Years.

A fist to the chest while uttering Mea Culpa should come from every woman who aided multi-culturalism by voting for their Progressive/ Liberal governments. Most of them, I would venture a guess, are the mothers of the rape victims. Where are the men who fought so bravely during WWII. The thousands of boatsmen, at the risk of their own lives, who crossed the channel to save 338,000 British and French troops at Dunkirk. Where are the guns that American hunters gave you from their prized possessions the weapons that you begged us for so the home guard could protect your cherished land from an imminent invasion by the Germans? Are there only sniveling cowards left that are afraid of guns and even more afraid to protect your women? When even the police are afraid and run away from the foreigners, who owns your country? Not you Englishmen! England is rife with Muslim mayors and Sharia courts. Your Magna Carta is dead.

You're Russian and Don't Heed My Warning

Your country will be invaded by Germany within 10 years.  It won't be a land invasion like in WW2.  Your army will lay down their arms and allow the Jidahists from Germany to merely walk into your country like the Nazi's did in Austria. Your army will not fight as most of your soldiers and officers will be Jihadists themselves by then.  Your animosity towards Ukraine is unbelievable as, basically, you're the same people.  The Ukrainians are your best friends, but you don't even know it and instead of helping you try to hurt them.  What have they ever done to harm Russia?  History proved that the bully is the one who always gets killed in the end.  When Europe falls to the Jihadists do you really think that they won't be looking to the North and East? Wake the hell up!
Ignorance is bliss, but only to your enemies.

You're A Bad Driver.

My Driving Thoughts For Today

The next time you're involved in an accident ask yourself, "Why was I in such a hurry to get here."

My (driving) thought for today

Many of you are going to kill a family member today.

My (2nd driving) thought for today

Thousands of you will send a family member to the hospital with serious injuries for an extended stay by your action.

My (3rd driving) thought for today

Hundreds of you, by your action, will cause the death of one or more of your own children today.

My (4th driving) thought for today

Dozens of mothers, afraid to speak to their husband driver, will watch the death of one or more of their children today.

My (5th driving) thought for today

Thousands of mothers will watch one or more of their children being taken away by ambulance to a hospital with serious and, possibly, life-threatening injuries, because of their cowardness, today.

My (6th driving) thought for today

Thousands of fathers, who claim that they love their children, but in reality do not because of their bad driving habits; will kill or seriously injure up to 5,000 of their own children today.

My (7th driving) thought for today

Hundreds of wives will file for divorce tomorrow because their husbands, by their bad driving habits, will have killed or injured one or more of her children today. Don't believe me! Ask her today.

Note:  Although I speak of the drivers in the United States;  all people should be cognizant that they pertain to their country also.

You Thought That Electing A Muslim Mayor Would Stop The Violence

Of course, I’m talking about the voters in London, England. Your convoluted thinking is beyond comprehension. You, the majority of voters, actually thought that giving in to those who want to kill you, that they would stop killing you. You cannot make friends with a scorpion, as his nature is to sting and kill whomever is in its way. And its way is total domination. Apparently few voters in London know the story of, “The Frog and the Scorpion.”

The mayor had a picture of himself holding up a sign saying, “Refugees Welcomed.” As the sign lies then so does the mayor. The truth is not merely making a statement, but must include the whole truth, or it’s a lie. What is the only kind of refugees that the mayor would welcome into London? I will let the citizens of London answer that question, but you don’t have to exercise your brains in search of the answer as it will soon become obvious to all. What is also obvious is that the citizens of London do not care about each other and neither does their mayor.

Before I continue, let me be clear that I am not Islamaphobic, but I certainly am against those that basterdize their religion to convince themselves that it is good to kill and injure innocents.

Why do I say that the citizens of London do not care about each other and their mayor about them. The mayor as well as the press, supported by the citizens, speak very little about those who have been killed, but speak loudly and often about how everyone should be for allowing unvetted refugees, the more the better, into their country. Their Liberal/Progressive agenda is far more important than the safety of their citizens. Of course, not all refugees are Jihadists, but would you invite ten guests into your home for the weekend knowing that one was a serial killer? And not knowing which one; do not invite any. Should you then be called prejudiced or other pejoratives because you don’t want to place yourself and your family in obvious danger?

In conclusion, the citizens of London not only destroyed their city but also just helped to destroy their country. How? The Prime Minister should have, but did not, consider the voting block in London, that they are Liberal; therefore, by calling for an election she lost her majority.

I pray that America and England will always remain friends, but now it seems doubtful.

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You're a Liberal French voter.

Comments from America on how you voted yesterday.

"All those brave souls who trudged up those Normandy beaches 70 years ago..... They liberated France; they liberated Europe. And they gave all they have for nothing. NOTHING! How can the French ever commemorate the D-Day landings again, knowing that they, ONCE AGAIN, have surrendered and are already collaborating with an enemy that - let's be frank - will make Hitler's occupation look a slightly over-subscribed garden party? Appease; retreat; surrender; collaborate - 'twas ever thus.
As for Le Pen in 2022...... TOO LATE. The French sealed Europe's irreversible fate yesterday."

"Condolences to France. It was a beautiful culture with a rich history. Now comes l'Époque de la Résistance!" 

"Stupid move, France. "

"I predict a new Exodus for the Jewish people from the shores of Europe to the Jewish Homeland, Europe's Christian population will be slowly eradicated as they become outnumbered by Muslims, all this has already begun ...."

"The citizens of France have voted for Macron. They have voted for more unvetted immigration, more unemployment, more terrorism, continued subjugation to the EU, the loss of their sovereignty and in the end, total capitulation and submission to Islam."

"Any deaths in France at the hands of Islamic terrorists can henceforth be laid upon the French people and the French government. They are committing mass suicide, both culturally and literally."

"The French are ignorant to their own demise."

"France HAD two choices: Globalism or Sovereignty. They made the wrong choice."

"LaPen has her warts to be sure, but Macron stated explicitly that France must learn to accept terrorism as a fact of life in this day and age. In other words, the French must accept that every so often adherents to a hostile doctrine will slaughter French citizens on the streets of Paris, Toulouse and Nice and in churches in Normandy.  This is not just capitulation. It is immoral to subject your citizenry to barbarism in such a manner. To Macron, human life must not have a particular value."

And as the owner of this site, all that is left to say is:


You're a Berlin (Germany) Senator

Germany: Migrant Crime Spiked in 2016

1.  Although non-Germans make up approximately 10% of the overall German population, they accounted for 30.5% of all crime suspects in the country in 2016.

2.  The Berlin Senate launched an inquiry into why migrants disproportionally appear as criminals in the city-state compared to Germans.

Read #2 again before reading the following.

Are the Senators that naive and stupid that they don't know what is obvious to everyone in the Western world who has a brain?

The vast majority of migrants came from countries that are basically lawless, have no real functioning government, and are diametrically opposite from the mores and morals of Germany.  They are mostly all men; therefore, the only female contact they have is the rape of the German women.
The majority have no jobs so they have to obtain what is necessary for their survival: which is by stealing and robbery.  Even if on welfare from the state most have no problem with adding to it as that is the custom from where they came from.  I'm not inferring that it's every migrant, but certainly a large number of them.

I suggest that the Berlin Senate hire a college freshman who has just completed a course in Political Science 101 to educate and guide them.


You Follow Orders Against Humanity

Why did you follow the orders against humanity? Without hesitation, you got in your planes and used Serin Gas against your fellow countrymen. You knew that using poison gas was banned in war but you used it anyway. Why? And you caused horrific deaths to babies: the innocents. Only cowards obey orders against humanity. So afraid of your commanders that you’d rather kill babies than disobey the order. I realize that your president, Assad, gave the order but you’re the one who did the killing; therefore, it’s on your head . . . his also, but still yours. How many of your comrades were killed during the response? Did you or your commanders think that you could go on forever with your crimes against humanity and you would never pay a price? Ask the Germans who were prosecuted at the Nuremberg Trials. Ask your dead comrades at Shayrat Air Base. Why did Russia drop the ball three years ago when it was supposed to confiscate all the poison gas? From whom? From a society that is devoid of conscience! A military made up of such cowards and of those so afraid of their own shadow that they would kill babies instead of the monsters who keep their minds enslaved.

You Tailgate

Tailgating is one of the most dangerous activities that a motorist can engage in. A standardized signal should be adopted so all drivers when they see it, will know that the driver in front of him believes that he's tailgating. I've mentioned this signal before and have used it several times with some success.
That is the emergency signal. If you feel that the car in back of you is tailgating merely turn on your emergency signal flashing lights. Isn't the fact that one is tailgating you places you in danger? Then isn't it an emergency? If we all share this post then maybe enough of us will adopt this signal to warn the tailgater and we start to back off from the car in front of us when we see it. We all lose attention occasionally while driving and if the car in front signals that you're tailgating, you shouldn't be upset, but be thankful that he's also looking out for your safety as well as his own.  Everyone should share any successful use of this signal. By sharing our experience we help to bolster others to follow our lead.
If you can't see all of his front tires, he's tailgating.