As A Police Officer You Don't Defend Yourself

"The New world order Goons are buying the Democrats high-intensity lasers so they can Blind Police."

Whenever anyone tries to blind a police officer, which is a serious physical injury, the officer has a right under the law, even a duty to defend himself, up to and including the use of deadly force. Why? Because it's his duty to stay whole so he can continue to protect the law-abiding citizens in his precinct which is part of the oath that he took when he accepted the job.  To do less is a dereliction of duty.
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You Don't Know What Socialism Will Do To Our Country. (And Yours)

My (political) thought for today

Nazi Socialist women.

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And now we have the American Socialist women, dressed in white, who are in the United States House of Representative who are led by Nancy Pelosi.
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None of them represent their Districts. They represent Nancy's Marxist, Progressive, Socialist agenda.

American voters must decide on November 3rd whether they want Freedom or Socialism.  Look at the condition of Socialist Venezuela today. 

You Don't Know Why They Call Us Racist.

Why do they call us racist?

Everything that they deem that does not fit their Communist Manifesto they call racist. Racist is merely the "nom du jour" to try to make the other side feel guilty; therefore, we say, "Maybe I'm wrong and start to feel guilty, so maybe I should go along with their garbage." -- Wrong. It is them just playing a game, and they know it, to try to convince others that they are right. All they want is total control of us so they will be the bosses and live well on the backs of our slave labor. Don't fall for it. They are the racist, not us.

You Think That Black Lives Matter to "Black Lives Matter."

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    "Black Lives Matter" members do not care about the lives of blacks. Injury, 
    torture, and deaths caused to blacks by other blacks go on daily, and not one
    incident is ever reported by them or causes the members of "Black Lives
    Matter" one iota of concern.

    If they were concerned about these black deaths, their members would
    be in Chicago, Baltimore, East LA, East St. Louis, and many other major
    cities to make them stop the blacks from killing blacks. Besides all the
    happenings in our inner cities of the carnage and killings by blacks, which
    surely is more than most people should expect, but not to even be concerned
    about the voluntarily killing of 1,000 blacks every day is beyond the
    pale. “'Black Lives Matter' members do not care about black lives.”
    -- The Author/Site Owner.

You Drive Away Before You Know Where Your Children Are

Situations that I'm personally familiar with. 

The baby was playing in the driveway.  The father, who just had an argument with his wife, leaves in a hurry and runs over and kills his child.  They could never get reconciled and his wife divorced him.

Good Humor truck driver doesn't check to see if all the children are clear of his truck and drives away, killing the baby that had crawled under the truck. The parents could no longer stay at the location, so they sold their house and moved.

An idea would be to keep your wheels straight when you park.

Walk around your vehicle before you leave! Take Note[ Rod Taverner lthink that this one should be shared as much as possible ”that rock sure did scream a lot" - iFunny :) Car Memes, Dankest Memes, Funny Memes, You Meme, Edgy Memes, Life Skills, Popular Memes, My Best Friend, Organisation
Look around your car before you get in and drive away.

You Use Your Bright Lights During The Day.

For all the slow processors. Repeat after me.

"I will not put on the bright lights in my car during the day, as it doesn't help me to see better and it annoys the driver of the car coming in the opposite direction, which makes him think that I'm an idiot."

"I will not put on the bright lights in my car during the day, as it doesn't help me to see better and it annoys the driver of the car coming in the opposite direction, which makes him think that I'm an idiot."

"I will not put on the bright lights in my car during the day, as it doesn't help me to see better and it annoys the driver of the car coming in the opposite direction, which makes him think that I'm an idiot."

You Think That It Takes More Than One Person To Pick Up A Pizza.

This afternoon I went downtown to pick up a pizza. Although it was a sidewalk pick-up everyone there was in groups of two or more.  Why?

The Coronavirus is transmitted through human contact, so the more people that congregate in a single place the better chance of catching Covid-19 or infecting someone else.  A person can have the virus and transmit it to another without knowing that they have it, as it takes a few days for the symptoms to manifest themselves.  No one was practicing the 6-foot rule and I was the only one with a mask on.  (I didn't mind too much about the two in back of me in line as they were both attractive, charming and talkative young females). 

Monday morning I went grocery shopping.  Most of the shoppers were there by themself except for one couple.  Why can't only one do the grocery shopping?  All of us others were.

By going to an activity with all your friend when only one is necessary to perform the chore/job merely endangers yourselves and others and why bring your kids with you.  That new disease is really rough on young children.  

My wife came with me, but she stayed in the car away from the group of people in front of the pizza parlor.

As the country is starting to open up we should still be practicing the safety rules so there isn't a spike in new cases that will force the country to be shut down again. --  Stay safe. 

Note:  I do not infer that it's never appropriate to have more than one person per family in a line at one time. Based on the situation, location, and safety factors, you should not leave, especially a child in the car or away from you. The safety of your loved ones or of a friend should be the determining factor.


You Don't Understand the Trauma of Rape.

UK’s new Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion: Muslim rape gang victims should “shut up for the good of diversity” 

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Just put up with it girls, as this is the new normal. Every night throughout Europe Muslim rape gangs go out and rape the citizens. Newspapers are forbidden to print anything about it and the police do not make any arrest. Three years ago on New Year's eve, 1,500 German girls were raped in one night. Not a problem as it's the new normal. There are still European males, but no more European men. -- The author.

You Don't, "Got Bacon."

Maybe you'll get a little information out of this one or not. It's not going to be earth-shattering. It's merely about how I cook and preserve bacon.

Instead of cooking a few strips at a time as needed for breakfast or for a BLT, I cook the whole package at once.  I place a sheet of Parchment paper on a cookie sheet, lay the strips of bacon on the paper and put it in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Everyone should adjust the time based on their own oven and the amount of crispness they like their bacon.

I then place the bacon on a double layer of paper towels, cover with two layers of paper towels and gently press down on them. This will absorb a lot of the extra grease. Once cooled, I place the strips in a freezer bag and put it in the freezer. This way I always have bacon at the ready.

To thaw and reheat merely place it in a frying pan while cooking your eggs or on a paper towel and place in the microwave for 30 seconds or so.

An afterthought.  I use butter on my toast so I always have extra butter in my freezer as it freezes very well.  Unsalted kind for certain recipes and a few sticks of regular butter in case I run out before I can get to the market.

This ends my series on preserving all the ingredients required for a hearty breakfast. Bon app├ętit.