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You Don't Have A Code Word

A few days ago I met a neighbor's son.  We only had a brief conversation as his dad reminded him that they were late in picking up his daughter.  I don't know where his daughter was or her age and those facts are not germane to this Post.  What is important is that a daughter, like all children, doesn't get in a car with a stranger, especially one that doesn't know the Code Word.

Both the child and parent should never divulge the Code Word unless necessary, so the child can be picked up by a trusted person.  Although this has been around for many years, it's a good idea to repeat it for those who may not be aware of it.

The important thing is to convince the child never to say it, but that only the adult that will pick up the child will say it.  Why?

Pedophiles are very cunning people.  Many know of this safety factor and therefore will try to trick the child in revealing the Code Word by telling the child that he was sent by his mother and that she can't get a ride home unless she (the child) knows the code word; thereby, revealing it to the pedophile who will then confirm it; putting the child at ease and then able to get the child in the car.

Of course, unless it's a life or death situation, a parent should never ask someone to pick up their child that the child doesn't know and trust.

You Don't Support The Freedom Fighters In Hong Kong

My respect and my best wishes go out to the Freedom Fighters in Hong Kong.  For 99-years, Hong Kong was a British Crown Colony and the residents enjoyed freedom.  Now that the lease expired, the territory reverted back to China.  As China is a Communist country, it is curtailing the freedom of the people that they have enjoyed for those 99 years. 

It is heart-warming to know that some people in this world of ours still have the flame-of-freedom still burning in their hearts.

Best of luck, you freedom-fighters, and I pray and hope that you are successful.  

My wish is to be able to revisit your great city someday.  I enjoyed the visit tremendously.

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You Don't Know, "My (golfing) thought for today." Stop Signs

Along the highways and byways, usually, the street with the least amount of traffic is the one that has a stop sign.  Those signs mean that the driver that has the stop sign must come to a total cessation of movement, i.e., STOP.
What does this have to do with golf?  Nothing, except that it has to do with golfers driving golf carts on roads and golf cart paths that lead to and traverse roadways.
On the roadways which lead to and from golf communities, there are stop signs, also there are stop signs at the end of golf cart paths at the intersection with roads that are used by vehicular traffic.

I live in a golf community and all the roadways and golf cart pathways have stop signs at all the intersections.  In the five years that I've lived here, there is absolutely no one that has ever stopped for a stop sign.  Vehicles, at least, do slow down a bit before continuing through the stop sign.  Golf cart drivers . . . not so much.  
What and who is supposed to stop at stop signs according to law?
Trucks, cars, bicycles, motorcycles, go-carts, all-terrain vehicles, pedestrians, and, of course, GOLF CARTS.

"What does this have to do with golf?  With your ability to continue to play golf, that you won't be able to if you have an accident with a truck.

You Don't Know, "My (golfing) thought for today." Divets

Divets and more divets.  One sometimes wonders whether amateur golfers are afraid to hurt the grass on the fairways based on my recent observations.  You can't hurt the grass, so take a divet with your fairway irons: just replace them.  

Amateurs, I suspect, think that the different lofts of the clubs are to pick up the ball.  This usually results with the leading edge coming into contact with the ball resulting in a very low shot or a complete flub.  The proper contact with the ball is in a downward motion of the club face, continuing into the ground, and continuing in a forward motion.  This is what causes the divet.  (Observe the pros on TV.)

Years ago while playing with a pro and after a few holes, he told my buddy and me to go to the rough and dig some holes; which we did.   You don't dig a hole under the ball, you hit the ball first and continue in a downward motion while continuing the forward motion through the follow through.  This motion will force the ball up the face of the club resulting in a lofty shot. 

This motion is not for your fairway woods or driving irons such as the 2 or 3 iron, but you should still scruff up the grass a bit.
Even when you're on the tee and your ball is teed up, you're still moving the club head in a slightly downward motion, without necessarily hitting the ground, so the ball obtains the desired loft.   

A stranger in New York City several years ago asked a New Yorker, "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?"  To which the New Yorker answered, "Practice, practice, practice."  So go in your backyard and dig some holes.  With a golf iron, not a shovel.

You Can't Take Two Minutes To Enjoy The Wild Horses

On this day Oct. 3rd, at 5:30 p.m. I was sitting in my living room enjoying a Jack Daniels on the rocks and the blazing fire in the fireplace, all this while having a nice chat with my wife.  As pleasant as all of this was, it paled with the sight of what I saw through the window; the wild horses sauntering down the street in front of my house on D--r P--k Dr.

Eight mature wild horses, followed by a baby horse, by a young horse, and two more mature horses.  My wife and I quickly ran to a front window to admire them, as we usually do whenever they are around, but immediately there were three cars, a black SUV followed by a red SUV and followed by a white thing that looked like a box coming down the street in the opposite direction.  The cars drove right up to the horses and stopped so close to each other that they formed a wall so the horses on one side couldn't follow the others. The cars were filled with very important people, they must have been, as they just couldn't stop to enjoy these magnificent beasts.  They did stop for a second or two but immediately started driving slowly.  As the horses surrounding the cars became frightened they started to run in the opposite direction of their intended travel.  As almost everyone on my street is retired, what was their hurry?  Were they going to the club to feed their faces?  At their age, no one was ready to have a baby--for sure.  They could not take two minutes to allow the horses to continue on their way?  It was so sad to observe.

The reason a herd travels is to find a better feeding ground; this was denied to them.  At this time of year, it is extremely important for the animals to get as much nutrition to give them a better chance to survive the upcoming winter.

You're A Female Athlete And You Compete Against A Man.

To all female athletes:

Whenever there is a man at the starting line, don't run. Chit-chat, do your nails, or whatever.

Let the idiot run by himself. If you don't, then you're telling everyone that second place is good enough for you.

(This merely pertains to the physical attributes between males and females.  It does not pertain to other fields, or the mental capacity of both.)

You think Colorado has empathy for their homeless

My (political) thought for today

The headline reads, "Colorado spends three million from marijuana tax to feed and house the homeless."

Sure makes Colorado sound like a wonderful, compassionate, and generous state, but as Paul Harvey used to say, "Here is the rest of the story."

Budget -- $30.5 billion.
Debt -- $17 billion.

And what do they spend on illegal aliens?

$1.1 billion.

That's about 30,000% more they spend on illegals than their homeless. (Or 3,000% more, whatever.)

You Don't Know, "My (golfing) thought for today." Look At The Ball

Of course, this Post pertains to all golf shots.  One of the major problems with week-end golfers is that they want to see where the ball ends up before they hit the ball.  This results in  a flubbed shot.  The other day I watched a golfer, at that famous par-3, flub a shot.  His ball was 12 inches from the green and he wanted to watch the ball go in the hole, so just before hitting the ball he looked up which resulted in the ball travelling all of four inches: which was his third shot.

There are a few solutions to correct this problem.

1.  When driving, let your partner(s) keep their eyes on the ball so you won't have to worry about where it went.  Many years ago while on the 18th tee, it was nearly totally dark.  After driving the ball I walked up to the spot where I felt where the ball would have landed based on how I had hit the ball..  When I got to the spot, my ball was there.

2.  When putting, don't look up to see where the ball is going, keep looking at where the ball was and listen. I used to love to hear the "plop" (noise) of the ball falling into the hole.  It's the sweeteast sound you'll ever hear.

3.  When driviing or when using a fairway iron, let your shoulder lift up your head, not lifting your head to look for the ball before your shoulder has done its full turn.

If you follow these, you will flub a lot less shots resulting in a lower score.  Relax and have fun out there.  If you're a scratch golfer, forget about my tips.