You Don't Know, "My (golfing) Thought For Today: Keep A Notepad

 Again, a reminder that my Posts are not for Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods, but for the weekend golfer and those who are lucky enough to get out and play a round or two during the week without the boss catching them.  Also, if you're a scratch golfer, forget-about-it!

Most players use the same club on the same hole all the time.  Why?  Let's stick with the Par 3 hole.  You have a 135-yard hole and you use a 9 iron if you're young and strong or an 8 iron if you're older.  But you always come up short of the green.  After writing this information in your notepad for a few rounds you will know to drop down a club to get that extra length from your drive.  By keeping the new information in your notepad, and you're still short of the green, then you'd drop down one more club.  

Why should you keep a notepad?  Do I think that you can't remember what you did last weekend?  Do you think that Jack and Tiger know more about golf than you do? and they and their caddy always had a notepad with them.  If you've ever watched a professional tournament on TV you'd have noticed that they were always referring to their notes.  If it helps the pros, maybe it will help you too.

Humorous anecdote:  I frequently have to drive by a Par 3 hole that runs parallel with the road and I occasionally stop to chat and ask questions and sometimes give a little advice.  I am not a golf instructor, but I am an instructor and I have been asked by other golfers if I'd play a round with them to help out. 
Well, today I stopped and asked a lady, whose ball was 10-yards short of the green, what club she used.  Her answer, "It's none of your business," in an angry tone.  Although she was right, I do believe that she'll always be a little short . . . not only of the greens.

You Accept Terrorist To Operate In Your Country

 What is happening in Austria, France, and Western Europe?  In regards to the terrorist attack in Vienna.

I know that Vienna is not in France, but the situation is the same there. The stupidity of the French government is that their President (Macron) stated last year that the French citizens should expect these terrorist attacks, "every once in a while." He, therefore, thinks that that is the new normal and should be expected by all the citizens.

As it is the most sacred responsibility of any government is to protect the lives and well-being of its citizens, Macron should be run out of office as he has abdicated his most sacred responsibility.

The Austrian government does not feel that way, but because several European countries do, the attacks did and will continue in all of Europe.

You Think Joe Biden Is Fit To Be President

 Must view before voting for Joe Biden.  If you already have then you made a mistake.

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You Believe Anything CNN Broadcast

CNN posted a misleading article on Facebook regarding the shooting by police in Scranton, PA of a man wielding a knife, as most of their stories and articles are.
I tried to post a picture of a man's back with severe knife wounds to show why police shoot a person that is threatening them with a knife.  Facebook would not allow it to be printed as they deemed it to be nudity and against their community standards. 
Pictures of the back of men in a Speedo bathing suit is fine, but a man's wounded back isn't.  Why?

My point was to show why police will shoot a man wielding a knife in a threatening manner or attempting to assault them with a knife.
This picture has been shown to police officers during training. 

You Don't Check Things Out Yourself

It appears that AstraZeneca's vaccine for all citizens of Australia is not working quite the way the government planned. Force everyone to be vaccinated, so that most of the people will die and the rest paralyzed. Then there will be dead bodies throughout Australia and no one will be available to bury them as the rest will be paralyzed. Sounds like a plan.
"We're getting reports that the "unexpected adverse reaction in a participant" is a female hospitalized with a SERIOUS ADVERSE REACTION to the vaccine. The trial participant has suffered TRANSVERSE MYELITIS (inflammation of the spinal cord) that has resulted in paralysis of her hands & feet."

As A Police Officer You Don't Defend Yourself

"The New world order Goons are buying the Democrats high-intensity lasers so they can Blind Police."

Whenever anyone tries to blind a police officer, which is a serious physical injury, the officer has a right under the law, even a duty to defend himself, up to and including the use of deadly force. Why? Because it's his duty to stay whole so he can continue to protect the law-abiding citizens in his precinct which is part of the oath that he took when he accepted the job.  To do less is a dereliction of duty.
Site owner. Criminal Law Instructor, 24-years.
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You Don't Know What Socialism Will Do To Our Country. (And Yours)

My (political) thought for today

Nazi Socialist women.

Image may contain: one or more people and text

And now we have the American Socialist women, dressed in white, who are in the United States House of Representative who are led by Nancy Pelosi.
Image may contain: 2 people
None of them represent their Districts. They represent Nancy's Marxist, Progressive, Socialist agenda.

American voters must decide on November 3rd whether they want Freedom or Socialism.  Look at the condition of Socialist Venezuela today. 

You Don't Know Why They Call Us Racist.

Why do they call us racist?

Everything that they deem that does not fit their Communist Manifesto they call racist. Racist is merely the "nom du jour" to try to make the other side feel guilty; therefore, we say, "Maybe I'm wrong and start to feel guilty, so maybe I should go along with their garbage." -- Wrong. It is them just playing a game, and they know it, to try to convince others that they are right. All they want is total control of us so they will be the bosses and live well on the backs of our slave labor. Don't fall for it. They are the racist, not us.