You Do Not Stop at the White Line at Red Lights

Oh, No! He's talking about those white lines again that everyone violates. Of course if the light is green you don't have to stop at the line, but if it's red then it's extremely important. Most of the lines are fairly close to the intersection but others are quite far back. There are other reasons why besides that there may be a crosswalk.

There may be an exit from a business parking lot or a driveway at a residence just before the intersection. If you pass the line then those cars may have to wait a long time if there is a heavy line of traffic.
The extra room may be to allow large trucks to make the corner from the other street. If you stop after the line the truck may not be able to make the turn causing a bottleneck in the intersection. Did this ever happen to you where you had to back up to allow a truck to make the corner? Didn't you feel ------?

At intersections controlled by a green arrow to make a left turn, your position, beyond the white line, blocks the view of the other driver in the right lane or right-turn only lane. When the light turns green for the right lane the driver cannot see whether it's safe to proceed through the green light until he's in the intersection. Especially if you are driving a van or truck. It is legal in most states to make a right turn on red after a complete stop, unless posted otherwise. That driver cannot see the traffic that has the right-of-way, a green light, unless he goes into the intersection. A very dangerous practice.

If you find yourself in that situation, that you have to creep into oncoming traffic in order to see, it is better just to wait; obviously. Be a safe and courteous driver.


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