You Think The Blade Will Stop Because You Turned Off The Lawnmover

We all have to occasionally clean the lawnmower housing. If the grass is a little wet it will clog up. I certainly hope you never put your hand under/inside the housing when the mower is on. Of course we turn the mower off before doing any cleaning or maintenance inside the housing. But just because you turned off the mower does not mean that the blade, even though it's stopped, will not start up again. Many times, like in all engines, carbon may build up and get very hot while the mower was running causing ignition.

A safer way that may help to prevent this is to disconnect the wire to the spark plug and place the end far enough away from the spark plug so it doesn't arc which would make the plug active. Before operating and servicing any machinery all the safety instructions in the owner's manual should be followed. If the owner's manual contradicts this tip then do follow the suggestions in the owner's manual.

A police officer who I know very well told me that she had to look for the homeowner's fingers which had been cut off by his lawnmower. Not a pleasant duty. And certainly not pleasant for the injured homeowner. When using any machinery safety is paramount.


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