You Get Kicked Out Of Harvard

BOSTON - As many as 60 students have been forced to withdraw from Harvard University after cheating on a final exam last year . . . .
Of course I'm not saying that it's OK to cheat or get kicked out of any college except Harvard.  Obviously it's not OK to cheat, or get thrown out for any reason, at any school.

1st Scenario:
Job Interviewer:  Have you ever cheated in school?
You:  Yes.
Interviewer:  Thank you for coming in anyway.  Don't call us, we'll call you.

2nd Scenario: 
Job Interviewer:  Have you ever cheated in school?
You:  No.  (Telling the truth, I hope).
Interviewer:  And how did you do in school?  (High School or College).
You:  I wasn't #1 but not too bad.  Good average.  Although I didn't get perfect scores on all my exams, what I did do is every question I got wrong I studied that information until I knew it very well.  So, although I didn't get perfect scores I did acquire excellent knowledge of all the subjects that I took. 
That, I believe, would impress the interviewers far more than having to admit that you got thrown out of college for cheating.

When I taught at a college in Denver, CO two students cheated.  Actually one cheated but the other allowed her to copy his answers which is not allowed.  Their scores on the exam was identical at 90%.  As they both took the exam I divided the 90% and gave them each 45%. 


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