You Hurry To Your Next Accident

How many times have you been in a hurry?  We all seem to have to hurry sometimes and of course you shouldn't, because, then, we speed and our minds are on our destination and not on our driving.  This is bad enough for the most-of-the-time-cautious driver but imperative for the no-patience driver.  The no-patience driver always speeds, always gets upset if there's a car in front of him, always tail-gates, passes in no-passing zones, jack-rabbits away from red lights and stop signs, turns left when light turns green without the right-of-way, speeds up when a car comes into his lane from a side street, flashes his headlights at night telling the other driver to get out of his way and dozens of other stupid maneuvers that always places him within seconds of his next accident.

The no-patience driver does not hurry because he's late but to try to subdue his extreme inferiority complex.  That type of driver should seek out a mental health professional.  Why?  Because he's not only a danger to himself but to all other drivers he encounters.  33,000 deaths and up to 2,000,000 injuries from car accidents proves my point here. His passengers are afraid of him and won't criticize his driving even thought he places them in extreme danger.  (See my post titled, "You Are A Cowardly Passenger").
Whether you're a most-of-the-time-cautious or a no-patience driver the next time you're in an accident ask yourself,  "Why was I in such a hurry to get here."


Sherrie said...

Good post Nate. Another dangerous habit of the driver always in a rush involves intersections. He sees the light ahead is yellow but he speeds up to get through that intersection no matter what. He is determined to miss that red light at all costs even, if it means taking out another vehicle on his way through.

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