You Don't Maintain Speed Uphill

Most people love a roller-coaster ride.  Although going very slow uphill the anticipation builds as you know that the downhill side will be very fast and exhilarating.  This, of course, should be saved when riding on a roller-coaster, not while driving your car.  By not maintaining your speed uphill on the highway the cars behind you have to slow down causing the cars behind them to also slow down.  By the time you get to the top of the hill cars have bunched up and you've caused a traffic hazard as the other drivers are angry and will try to pass, sometimes not safely.  Also the drivers behind you think you're an idiot and the reason they think so is that you are an idiot.
I have seen signs at the bottom of hills that say, "Maintain Speed Uphill."  Do you really have to be told this?  Now that you're over the crest of the hill you still maintain the same pressure on the accelerator (gas pedal) and therefore start to speed up making it harder for the cars behind you to pass and making the other drivers more aggravated.  So here are some tips:

1.   Press down on the gas pedal a little at a time, as needed, to give the engine more power to overcome gravity to maintain your speed up the hill.
2.   If the car is picking up speed on the other side, the downhill side, then take your foot off of the gas pedal.  If your speed goes beyond your highway speed then use the brake pedal to slow the car down to the proper speed.
3.   Maintain proper speed both up and down the hill.
4.   What is "proper speed."  It is the speed that you were cruising at on the level part of the highway before you encountered the hill.
5.   Don't worry about this right away if you're an idiot.  It takes an idiot at least 10 years to master this technique.
6.   Passengers who observe that the car is slowing down up hill should know that your life is in the hands of an idiot.


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