You Don't Have A "Look Here First" Bin.

Several years ago I bought a medium size plastic bin and put a label on it which says:  "Look Here First."  I can't remember whether I picked a purple one to distinguish it from all the other bins but now I think it's a good idea.  Anything that I find that I can't readily identify or not sure what it's for, I just throw it into the bin.  Of course there are many things that I know their use but have no special place where I'll be able to find it at a much later date.  These items go into the bin.  "When will I use those shower curtain hooks again?"  "Where did I put that bulb for the flashlight."  How many times have I asked myself where the batteries are?  All similar items go into the bin.  Small items are bagged in see-through plastic bags and marked.  Unless, merely looking at them is obvious what they are and their use.  As I've moved several times there are many small items such as nuts & bolts and curtain hooks.  What about that special tool that can only be used to take the patio set apart?  I can't tell you how many times arriving at the new destination I found just the item I needed to complete a project.  That purple bin with the "Look Here First" sign on it has also saved me many hours throughout the years.  Every six months or so I take the bin out of the closet and review its contents.  Sometimes I'm then able to identify an item and able to attach it to or fix an item.  This purple bin has saved me a lot of frustration.


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