My Condolence To Kenya; And Some Sticky Points

  • The following points are my views, and only mine, regarding the killings at the university in Northern Kenya, but could also apply to any similar situation.
    There are two facts that we know, a physical fact and an emotional fact. The physical fact is that no one had a gun. The emotional/psychological fact is that generally no one will act unless someone else does first. 
    Some background: No one on the three planes that crashed into the twin towers and the Pentagon in the United States, on 9/11, did anything, did not act. Only when one person on the fourth plane knew of the exigent circumstance when told by his wife decided to do something by getting help from the other passengers and prevented more deaths. Now going back to Kenya, no one took any action. What if all 250+ victims, 148 dead and those injured had immediately and viciously attacked the four terrorists with anything they could have gotten their hands on? Doesn't Kenya have rocks, sticks, broken glass, etc. that could have been used as weapons? You constantly see on TV where fighters use their hands and feet to knock out their opponents; they don't use any weapons. I will venture a guess that if the students had, the outcome would have been far better..

    Aren't college students supposed to be the smart ones? In an institution that supposedly teaches one to be an independent thinker? Over 800 students or dunces? Not one smart enough to have a gun. Maybe the university is a gun-free zone so this is merely an April Fool's joke.
    Year after year they are killing you and you do nothing to defend yourself. Anyone who doesn't have tools for his self-defense and for the defense of his family and friends should be shunned like the plague, for he is worthless. How many left standing were friends of those killed? How worthwhile were you standing there or cowering behind a bush to your friend while he was being killed? Were you and the ones killed afraid to be punished by your government if you possessed a tool for your self-defense? Who instituted those laws which are diametrically opposed to human rights? If one attempts to take away those tools, it is your right and obligation to kill him immediately. The 148 who were killed can no longer decide what to do, BUT you still have that choice.
    (Also please read "You Have No Means For Self-Defense," on this web site).


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