You Break A Dog's Heart

A woman in India killed eight puppies because the mother/dog had them in the wrong place on her property. This was to teach the mother dog a lesson. After the puppies were buried the dog dug up her puppies and tried to nurse them. How broken hearted it must have been. What kind of lesson do you think that the dog would learn? None, I would venture to say. The lady was arrested, but still
. . .

My point in retelling this story:

Anyone who is arrested and tried for causing bodily harm to an animal abuser MUST be found Not Guilty. 

Anyone who trespasses on another’s property to care for an abused animal MUST be found Not Guilty. 

All members of all juries and each and every judge, worldwide, MUST find the person protecting the animal Not Guilty.

Each and every Prosecutor MUST refuse to try anyone who assaults an animal abuser and anyone who is trying to protect an animal from his abuser.

Each and every Law Enforcement Officer MUST never arrest anyone who causes bodily harm to an animal abuser or one who is trying to protect an animal from the abuser.

I do not know what fate will be forthcoming to you when you die; but, I do know that each and every juror, judge, prosecutor and law enforcement officer will eventually die.

Retired LEO, and dog owner.


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