You Tailgate

Tailgating is one of the most dangerous activities that a motorist can engage in. A standardized signal should be adopted so all drivers when they see it, will know that the driver in front of him believes that he's tailgating. I've mentioned this signal before and have used it several times with some success.
That is the emergency signal. If you feel that the car in back of you is tailgating merely turn on your emergency signal flashing lights. Isn't the fact that one is tailgating you places you in danger? Then isn't it an emergency? If we all share this post then maybe enough of us will adopt this signal to warn the tailgater and we start to back off from the car in front of us when we see it. We all lose attention occasionally while driving and if the car in front signals that you're tailgating, you shouldn't be upset, but be thankful that he's also looking out for your safety as well as his own.  Everyone should share any successful use of this signal. By sharing our experience we help to bolster others to follow our lead.
If you can't see all of his front tires, he's tailgating.


csinate said...

Another way to get a tailgater to back off.


Thanks to one of my Facebook friends who uses it.

The fluid rolls up the windshield, across the roof and hits the windshield of the tailgater. They always slow down and are not sure if the action was intentional.-- Jeff Grobdruck.

csinate said...

According to nationwide accident statistics, over 2 million rear end collisions are reported each year, making them the most common type of automobile accident in the U.S. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that nearly 30% of all accidents involve rear-end collisions.

Two million accidents. 30% of all accidents. I'd say it's an emergency situation. How many are seriously injured bad enough to be transported to a hospital: 600,000. And killed: 12,000, every year. Emergency? Yes!

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