You Don't Know the Quack, Quack Signal

This is an attempt by me to establish a signal that will advise other drivers that there is a problem with the lights on their car. Although I do occasionally pull into a parking lot behind a car with a problem with the light(s), it's impossible to communicate with the driver in the other car while traveling on the highway.  By using the following signal, which looks like a duck quacking, it should be sufficient to accomplish that goal. The following are some of the basic problems associated with lights on a car.

  1. A light is burned out.  The primary reason, 90% of the time.
  2. The turn signal is on when not warranted.  Or use your left, right, left, etc., 3-clicks each way.
  3. Headlights on high beam during the day. Low beam headlights, or traveling lights, aids the oncoming driver to see you from a greater distance; enhancing both your safety. They are not so you can see better. High beams during the day do not help your visibility, but it does bother the oncoming driver's vision, placing both of you in greater danger. Use low beam or running lights during the day.  Or flash your high beams, but DON'T leave them on.


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The reference and link to this Blog went on the Alaska BOLO site last night.

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