You Don't Know, "My (golfing) thought for today." Stop Signs

Along the highways and byways, usually, the street with the least amount of traffic is the one that has a stop sign.  Those signs mean that the driver that has the stop sign must come to a total cessation of movement, i.e., STOP.
What does this have to do with golf?  Nothing, except that it has to do with golfers driving golf carts on roads and golf cart paths that lead to and traverse roadways.
On the roadways which lead to and from golf communities, there are stop signs, also there are stop signs at the end of golf cart paths at the intersection with roads that are used by vehicular traffic.

I live in a golf community and all the roadways and golf cart pathways have stop signs at all the intersections.  In the five years that I've lived here, there is absolutely no one that has ever stopped for a stop sign.  Vehicles, at least, do slow down a bit before continuing through the stop sign.  Golf cart drivers . . . not so much.  
What and who is supposed to stop at stop signs according to law?
Trucks, cars, bicycles, motorcycles, go-carts, all-terrain vehicles, pedestrians, and, of course, GOLF CARTS.

"What does this have to do with golf?  With your ability to continue to play golf, that you won't be able to if you have an accident with a truck.


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