You Don’t Believe That The Best Defense Is A Strong Offense

What would I do if I had some say in the defense of my country.

My plan would be to use a battalion size (1,000) troop to go on the offensive into the country that invaded my country, to do to their citizens what the invaders were doing to my fellow citizens. The troop would not be able to continue their offensive for long; therefore, I would have another battalion at the border to cover their withdrawal from their pursuers.

While in the invading country, the battalion would cause as much damage, cause as much mayhem, and death as possible. I would have them plant booby-traps and mine the roads as they withdrew. Once one of the people in that city was killed or wounded by one of the traps the whole city would live in fear for months following the raid. This would cause the invading army to use some of their resources to try to clear the traps from the city and the mines from the roads. It also would cause the people in the other border towns to be paranoid and the military to wonder if or where or when another raid might occur; causing them to stretch their resources even further.

This, of course, would be an extremely dangerous mission, but would it be any more dangerous than merely staying on the defensive from a much stronger invading army? I think not.

Note: I am not a military strategist: merely a person who thinks.


csinate said...

I'm amazed that no one has thought about and that it hasn't been done yet. IMO.

csinate said...

Tanks are useless without gasoline, so keep blowing up their oil storage facilities.

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