You Don't Acknowledge Your Caregivers

Did "The Lady With the Lamp" clone herself and return? But before I continue this thought, I wish to thank all the caregivers who took care of me during my weekend stay in the observation unit of the ICU at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut on the May 7th weekend.

Although Nicaya Benham-Marin, RN, and Emily Burke, RN did not carry a lamp like Florence Nightingale did while checking on her patients during the night during the Crimean War they lit up my room each time they entered. Besides taking care of me, upon seeing the concern in my wife they gave her a big hug that helped to relieve some of her anxieties. Later, they prepared me for discharge and gave my wife more hugs. (I got a couple of hugs myself which were very nice). 

Their outer beauty was only surpassed by their inner beauty, caring ways, empathy, and professionalism. I am sure on that Monday Ms. Nightingale was looking down and said, 

 "Well done."


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