You Don't Look For Signs Of Cancer


Many people post this kind of news and say, If by posting, "Even if it helps only one person it will be worth it." My reason is to try to help thousands, no, try to get millions of people to seek help before they get cancer or at least try to catch it at an early stage. I'm only talking about rectal cancer as I know nothing about any other kind.
Your stools should be the color of and the consistency of peanut butter, the diameter of your thumb, and 12 to 18 inches long. It should look like a curled-up garden snake at the bottom of the toilet. Mine have not looked like that for many months, which I ignored until I had heavy bleeding which sent me to the hospital. My stools were pencil thin and only inches long and looked like a bunch of skinny worms floating in the toilet. If your stools are not like I described, I suggest you contact your doctor and see if you should get a colonoscopy.
Two weeks ago I had five radiation treatments which I believe may have helped to slow or stop the cancer growth as my stools are now a bit thicker, I mean a little thicker, but not much. The radiation itself wasn't bad but it continues to work which gives me up and down days: no explanation needed.
I start Chemo in two weeks. After a few sessions of an infusion and taking chemo pills I'll be checked by my oncologist and an MRI, probably repeat two more times, if things look good then get checked every three months. It looks good at this time that I may not need surgery and the overall outcome looks promising.
So, especially if you're an older person, look at your stools once in a while. If the shape has changed in the last few months, please see your doctor.
I am not a medical doctor. The above is only about myself and for general information only.


csinate said...

I'm now in the first week of my fourth Infusion session and my stools are back to nearly normal as described above.
A Session last three weeks. The first day you have chemicals pumped into your arm for two+ hours. During the first two weeks I take Chemo pills twice daily. The third week nothing, which gives my body a break. I'm scheduled for two more Sessions.
So far, it's been tolerable.

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