You Don't Follow the +1 Rule

Simply put, if you observe one situation that causes you to be concerned or you feel may be dangerous then look for another one, +1; before you proceed.
Lady wanted to make a left turn, stopped her car at an intersection because she saw a police car with lights and siren traveling at a high rate of speed coming towards her. When the police car passed her she pulled out and was T-boned and killed by the second police car. She did not consider the +1.

Firetrucks seldom travel alone. They are usually followed by another firetruck, an ambulance and a few seconds later the Deputy Fire Chief in his car.
This looks like a +1, +1, +1 situation.

When the traffic light turns green you start to go ahead. You were lucky that time because you saw the car trying to beat the light but did you see the 2nd one who is tailgating trying to get through also. One young driver in a second car was T-boned. All I saw was his mother lying dead on the road covered by a blanket.


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