You don't follow the two (2) second rule.

It used to bother me when another car would 'fly' up to my car and hang on to my rear bumper. I finally realized that you must be so much more important than me and that you have places to go and people to see. Me, I'm retired so I never have anything remotely important to do. Another reason it doesn't bother me is because if you hit me you are at fault and you will usually suffer more injuries than me; which of course is fair. And, your insurance premiums will skyrocket for the next three years. The passenger(s) most often suffer the gravest injuries so you, the passenger, have the right to tell the driver to stop tailgating.

Two second rule: Pick the spot that the car in front of you just passed. Start counting 1-1,000, 2-1000. If you passed the spot before you ended the count - you are tailgating. During inclement weather or poor road conditions this should be stretched to 3 or 4 seconds.


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