You Aren't Careful in Your Driveway.

As Terry S. stated in her Comment that the neighbors kid cut across her driveway as a shortcut and after running over her kids bike now is super careful while backing up in the driveway or out of the garage. Luckily she saw him in time and you can always replace a bike.
You may be thinking, "It's my driveway and I'll do what I want." Have you considered what Criminal & Civil problems you'll have if you injure or kill your neighbor's kid?  Probably won't even be invited to their next cook-out.

Consider viewing the whole area before backing up, the time of year & time of day when kids rush to catch the school bus, summer days when many kids are playing throughout the neighborhood, etc.
When my grandchildren are over I have them stand in a spot on the side where I can see them before I start to back-up.
I believe the following (true) story should be sufficient to convince you. A mother (that my family knows) got a call at work to come home immediately. When she got home she learned that her husband (the father) had run over their young child in their driveway and killed him. The incident so traumatized her that she divorced her husband a short time later. Driveway Safety is YOUR Responsibility.


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