You Don't Obey Yield Signs

"To yield is to concede under some degree of pressure." When entering a highway there is a red sign on the right that says Yield. It does not say Merge. To concede means that the other vehicle has the right-of-way; not you. It does not mean Merge. Merge is to integrate safely within the traffic flow. Many drivers attempt to merge instead of Yield. You DO NOT have the same status as the vehicles already on the highway. Let us assume that you enter the highway without regard to traffic as many drivers do and there is a 18-wheeler traveling at 75mph. Even though you merged just in front of him, I believe that you might feel "under some degree of pressure." And probably get killed.

When the traffic is light many drivers, already on the highway, upon seeing a vehicle trying to enter the highway will move to the left lane allowing that car to enter more easily. This is done out of courtesy - not because you have the right-of-way. In heavier traffic he may not be able to move to the left lane. Even in light traffic he may not want to leave the travel lane, which is his right, and therefore his right-of-way. You must then come to a full stop and wait until you can safely enter the highway. (Topic suggested by Brian T.)


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