You Don't Accept Your Responsibility as a Passenger

As I stated in an earlier Post it's usually the passenger(s) that receive the most injuries in an accident and you are the one responsible for your own safety. What if your children are also in the car? Isn't it your responsibility for their safety also? As soon as you feel apprehensive about the driver's driving - SPEAK UP! It is your right not to let stupid put you in danger. Better that the driver be angry at you now then you being angry at him from the hospital or worse, from the morgue identifying one of your children.

"My husband (or wife, friend, mother-in-law, etc.) is the driver and he gets mad at me when I tell him how to drive." If he causes the death of one of your children you'll probably divorce him anyway, so, so-what! Will you keep up the friendship with the friend?

Driving Dangers:
1. Speeding.
2. Driving too fast for conditions.
3. Trying to beat the light.
4. Rolling (almost) stop at Stop Signs.
5. Unsafe merging onto limited access highways. (It's Yield not Merge)
6. Tailgating. (Violating 2-second rule).
7. Unsafe lane change.
8. Drunk driving.
9. Talking on cell phone and/or texting. (Illegal in most states).
10. Unsafe passing and passing in "No Passing Zone."

I believe you can add a few of your own here.


Susan said...

A few days ago you handed me your card. I can not find your contact info. Do you do any public speaking?

Nate Tanguay said...

Yes I do. I now have contact info. Thanks Nate.

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