You Don't Use Your Headlights Properly

One of my biggest pet peeves is when you are right behind me at night and you have your high beams on. Your low beams, I'm sure, are sufficient to see where my car is - 10 feet in front of you. The high beams flood the inside of my car and tends to wash out the view in front of me which is dangerous. Truck lights are usually higher than car lights so if you're close to my car your low beams are the same height as my back window. Therefore you still flood my car with light. I would appreciate it if you kept back and stop tailgating. During the day it's not as bad but it's still aggravating. When following other cars at night use low beams. High beams not only shine in the rear view mirror but also the left outside mirror which reflects the light into the driver's eyes.

During the day you have your lights on not to see but to be seen. As it's light out you don't need your high beams. This is also aggravating for the oncoming cars.
How can I tell if my high beams are on? You can't see by looking out of the windshield because, as I said, it's light out. What to do? How about looking at the dashboard for the little blue light which indicates that the high beams are on. Then click the light switch. If the pretty blue light goes off then so do the high beams. WOW!
At night dim your lights for oncoming traffic and use high beams for better visibility when the road ahead is clear of other traffic. Courtesy prevents accidents. Why is it that what aggravates us does not provide a clue for when we do the same stupid thing?


Anonymous said...

I drive with low beams most of the time! Most raods are busy so you would have to be clicking the lights from hi to low to hi to low. Also, in fog it is better to have low beams as it illuminates the road and not the fog. Only when driving rural roads and deer are around do I consider the use of hibeams!

CHP Mike said...

Well said about driving with your headlights properly. Also, don't hog the fast lane if you drive like an old grandpa. And by all means, move over to the right lane if someone is trying to pass, otherwise, they have the right to flash their high beams at you. It's the respectful thing to do.

Anonymous said...

yeah Mike even when it's a 100 MAX and you're going 110!! I get it! NOT

Anonymous said...

yeah no kidding Nate.. I sooo agree! stupid f's last night if I could of stopped the car and thumped their brains out .. I would of.

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