You Are A Rubber-Necker

A few days ago I was driving on an Interstate Highway. Up ahead on my side of the highway was an accident. I, and the other cars, had to slow down and were delayed approximately 5-7 minutes. Now remember, the accident was on my side of the highway. But the cars on the other side were stop and go and were backed up for approximately three miles. Their delay was much longer than on my side. There was no physical barrier for their delay, except, you guessed it, the RUBBER-NECKERS. When the first driver slows down to see the carnage, don't we just love to see carnage? The next driver puts on his brakes which causes the next car to slow down faster so the next car practically has to stop. Of course by this time all the other cars in the rear are stopped, and the stop and go crawl begins. Being in the rear you get angry because of the delay for no reason other than the rubber-necker up front. Of course it's fine when you are in front and cause the delay by your rubber-necking. After all you're more important than the rest of us and have a right to act as a jerk. If you don't want him to delay you, then don't delay him. The Golden Rule works in traffic also.


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