You Don't Let Other Drivers Merge

Mergers are different than Sliders which I discussed in an earlier Post. Has this ever happened to you? You have plenty of room to safely merge when entering a highway but when the other driver sees you he speeds up. You attempt to pass a car (safely) in a passing zone then try to get back in the travel lane but, you guessed it, as you get alongside the other car he speeds up. This is one of the rudest and childish acts you can engage in. One of the lanes ahead is closed due to construction so the cars have to merge into one lane. The proper procedure is to take turns, one car at a time. How many of you try to 'hook-up' to the car in front of you so the other car can't take his turn to merge? It's your inferiority complex that makes you do these things. You feel, which is different than thinking, that the other driver thinks you are inferior to him. Guess what, he's not. He doesn't know you, wasn't thinking about you, doesn't care who you are. So far you're both equals. But by not following the rule you now not only prove to him but also to yourself that you do have an inferiority complex.

And then the physical manifestation occurs, agitated, adjusting your position, feel flush, maybe sweaty palms, etc. Not a comfortable all around feeling. Why? When you let the other driver merge he gives you a little wave and thinks you're a nice guy. His feeling is actually transferred to you and destroys your inferiority complex. Wow!!
No one is born inferior, but it’s our culture and past life experiences that teaches us how to become inferior. Being raised in cultures that worship success, money and beauty programs the minds of all of those who live in it to constantly compare themselves to other people who have these things then feel inferior if they found that they are different. This website ( ) will help you. Following the Golden Rule will very shortly make you a more relaxed, courteous and safer driver.


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