You Can't Tell The Truth


The minute someone demonstrates courage and tells the truth, she has moved within the spheres of influence to a point where her inner world changes and the person begins to have an increase of her personal power and integrity. While the negative feelings have not all disappeared, the person has greater energy to handle nasty situations. She is no longer living in the world of victimhood. When someone will not acknowledge or tell the truth, she lives within her own creation of lack and limitation. Without truth, unconditional love is not possible, as people are ruled by their own selfishness, in which other people are merely objects to satisfy their needs and wants.” Quoted from the book, When All Hell Breaks Loose, by Cody Lundin.

Author’s spin on the above quote: politically correct speech is one where the facts have to be changed to satisfy the speaker’s personal agenda; therefore, it is a lie. Only the truth, (actual facts), the whole truth, (not leaving facts out), and nothing but the truth, (not adding information that would tend to enhance the speaker’s personal point), is required for it to be the truth, and not a lie. Pity the poor person, a coward, always afraid that someone may not like him, who always must utter politically correct speech, instead of what he wants to say, or what he feels should be said . . . but, alas, cannot. One that is never able to feel unconditional love for a spouse, child, and parent, and those persons in his life fully realize that he or she cannot truly love them. Only the truth can calm the heart.


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