You Don't Turn Lights On When Foggy.

Today, I drove to another town approximately 1 1/2 hours away. All along the route, there was heavy fog, but many cars did not have their headlights on.
Especially on a foggy day or during twilight hours, although headlights will not help you see better, you can  BE SEEN better.
Many darker colored cars were not seen until they were about 100 ft. or less away. If I had tried to pass, by the time I would have seen them it would have been impossible to avoid a head-on collision. Lights on low-beam, please.
It's so I can see you, so I don't kill you . . . and myself--Thank you.
NOT to see better, but to BE SEEN better--so I don't kill you and that cowardly passenger in your car that was too afraid to tell you, "Hey stupid, put on your headlights, in low-beam so the other drivers can SEE US better."

(How many times have I posted this? I cannot count the ways).


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