You Thought That Electing A Muslim Mayor Would Stop The Violence

Of course, I’m talking about the voters in London, England. Your convoluted thinking is beyond comprehension. You, the majority of voters, actually thought that giving in to those who want to kill you, that they would stop killing you. You cannot make friends with a scorpion, as his nature is to sting and kill whomever is in its way. And its way is total domination. Apparently few voters in London know the story of, “The Frog and the Scorpion.”

The mayor had a picture of himself holding up a sign saying, “Refugees Welcomed.” As the sign lies then so does the mayor. The truth is not merely making a statement, but must include the whole truth, or it’s a lie. What is the only kind of refugees that the mayor would welcome into London? I will let the citizens of London answer that question, but you don’t have to exercise your brains in search of the answer as it will soon become obvious to all. What is also obvious is that the citizens of London do not care about each other and neither does their mayor.

Before I continue, let me be clear that I am not Islamaphobic, but I certainly am against those that basterdize their religion to convince themselves that it is good to kill and injure innocents.

Why do I say that the citizens of London do not care about each other and their mayor about them. The mayor as well as the press, supported by the citizens, speak very little about those who have been killed, but speak loudly and often about how everyone should be for allowing unvetted refugees, the more the better, into their country. Their Liberal/Progressive agenda is far more important than the safety of their citizens. Of course, not all refugees are Jihadists, but would you invite ten guests into your home for the weekend knowing that one was a serial killer? And not knowing which one; do not invite any. Should you then be called prejudiced or other pejoratives because you don’t want to place yourself and your family in obvious danger?

In conclusion, the citizens of London not only destroyed their city but also just helped to destroy their country. How? The Prime Minister should have, but did not, consider the voting block in London, that they are Liberal; therefore, by calling for an election she lost her majority.

I pray that America and England will always remain friends, but now it seems doubtful.


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