You've Allowed Your Schoolgirls To Be Raped For 40 Years.

A fist to the chest while uttering Mea Culpa should come from every woman who aided multi-culturalism by voting for their Progressive/ Liberal governments. Most of them, I would venture a guess, are the mothers of the rape victims. Where are the men who fought so bravely during WWII. The thousands of boatsmen, at the risk of their own lives, who crossed the channel to save 338,000 British and French troops at Dunkirk. Where are the guns that American hunters gave you from their prized possessions the weapons that you begged us for so the home guard could protect your cherished land from an imminent invasion by the Germans? Are there only sniveling cowards left that are afraid of guns and even more afraid to protect your women? When even the police are afraid and run away from the foreigners, who owns your country? Not you Englishmen! England is rife with Muslim mayors and Sharia courts. Your Magna Carta is dead.


csinate said...

If the Germans had occupied England, your hardships would have seemed like a picnic in Trafalgar Square compared to what the Muslim Jihadists will do to you when they take over.
My prediction: Within 10 years, unless you start turning things around now, and arming your police so they don't have to run away from the foreigners.

csinate said...

Now that Englishmen are afraid of guns and live in a (somewhat) gun free country, I demand that you send us back our guns that we Americans loaned you during WWII to defend your country.

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